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Vu Booth
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 Photo Booth Made Easy


The Tether Tools Vu Booth is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create a photo booth for events, wedding or parties.  Designed with the on-the-go photographer in mind, the Vu Booth is designed to serve many photo display needs, travel easy and not break the bank.

4 Ways to Use the Vu Monitor Mount System

The Vu Booth is a modular booth setup designed to utilize existing equipment so purchasing an expensive, cumbersome, use-specific photo booth is not needed in order to offer clients a photo booth option for their events.

Simple to set-up and easily positioned in any environment, the Vu Booth can be set up on any existing tripod or stand and attaches to any VESA compliant TV or monitor.  The Vu Booth Kit contains a Vu Monitor Mount of choice (compare Vu Monitor Mounts), a Rock Solid Master Arm, Master Clamp and Camera Mounting Platform.

The Tether Tools Vu Booth sets up in minutes.  Easily connect any VESA compliant 75x75 or 100x100 monitor to the Vu Monitor mount.  Once mounted, the monitor can easily rotate from landscape to portrait position.  For added security use of a sandbag is recommended


Then connect the Master Clamp and Arm to a tripod leg or stand column.  The camera platform mounts any camera, which can be positioned on top, below or to the side of the monitor.

When not being used as a photo booth the same equipment can be dismantled and utilized in a number other capacities and situations in the photography and film workflow.

Monitor notes: For larger monitors, with larger VESA patterns, the VESA Vu 200x200, 200x400, and Universal adapter plates (sold separately) have been created to meet just about any monitor's specifications.  If you plan to mount an Apple iMac and/or a Cinema Display a special adapter plate is required available at



The Vu Booth contains:

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*Please note the Vu Booth does not include a tripod, stand, monitor or photobooth software.  If mounting the Local Vu on a Junior 1-1/8"(2.85cm) stand or a Baby 5/8" (16mm) pin the Rock Solid Aero Elbow is recommended to angle and position the monitor in the desired location.  Easily mount any montitor on the column of a stand or any flat surface with the Rock Solid Master Clamp.  The use of a sandbag on the stand or tripod is recommended.


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