Tether Tools Essentials Pack

Tether Tools Essentials Pack
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The Tether Tools Essentials Pack is a combination of some of our most popular accessory items, bundled together and offered at a savings.

Included in the Essentials Pack is the JerkStopper Camera Support and choice of JerkStopper Computer Support, which includes a choice of a JerkStopper Clip-On for the Aero, Flat Mount w/ Velco, USB, RJ45 Network Jack or RJ11 Telephone Jack. 

Also included is a TetherPro USB LED Light to assist in seeing a keyboard or shot lists in low light shooting.  And keep all the gear together, organized and accessible with the Tether Tools Standard Cable Case. 

Bundled together and offered at a savings, the Tether Tools Essential Pack is an invaluable resource on photo shoots.

Tether Tools Essential Pack includes:

  • JerkStopper Camera Support
  • Choice of JerkStopper Computer Support (select option below)
  • Tether Tools Standard Organization Case
  • TetherPro USB LED Light

*Please note the purchase of the Tether Tools Essentials Pack does not include all items pictured, such as the computer, camera, cable and Tether Table.

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