Aero for the iMac

Aero for the iMac
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The Tether Table Aero iMac allows photographers and videographers to easily incorporate an Apple iMac or Cinema Display into their studio or location shooting workflow.   Designed by professional photographers and made a reality by aerospace engineers, the Aero iMac provides a solution for photographers seeking a portable workstation in the studio or on location.

4 Ways to Use the Tether Table Aero

The brushed silver finish is made of stunning aerospace aluminum designed to complement the iMac.  It is sleek in design and unsurpassed in stability and durability.  The Tether Table features a SecureGrip Stability Bar across the top of the platform, under which the iMac base is secured.  Simply slide the base under the stability bar and tighten to ensure a secure set-up in any environment.  The SecureGrip and the Aero platform are lined with high-grade, non-slip padding to create a tight fit on any iMac or Cinema Display.  This protects the monitor from slipping and scratching.

When not using an iMac, the SecureGrip is easily removed from the table to allow the platform to be used as a laptop computer stand or workstation for holding lenses, batteries, notes or any type of gear needed within arms reach. 

The Tether Table Aero for the iMac is the first table in the Aero System to integrate the new LAJO-4 ProBracket. Already the most versatile bracket available to photographers and videographers, the LAJO-4 ProBracket now integrates a fourth mounting option, the Arca-style connection, to use with existing equipment.  In addition to the new Arca-style mounting, the LAJO-4 also features receptors for any 1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount or 5/8″ stud studio stand.  The Aero iMac mounts to any of these stands or accessories in seconds and no adapters are needed.

Includes a high quality black storage case to protect your table during transportion or storage.

Part of the Aero System, the Aero iMac integrates with the complete line of accessories including the XDC and XDC Duo external drive compartments.  The Aero iMac is also ideally suited to use a stand-alone mouse along with our Peel & Place Mouse Pad.

This product, along with the entire Tether Table Aero System, is backed by our Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty.

Tether Table Aero iMac Specifications

  • All Tether Tables include LAJO4 ProBracket and protective travel case
  • LAJO-4 ProBracket secures to Arca-style brackets, 1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount or 5/8″ stud studio stand
  • Versatile 22"x16"(56cm x 40cm) workstation for the iMac or Cinema Display
  • SecureGrip Stability Bar with non-slip padding to protect the monitor base from slipping and scratching
  • Easily remove SecureGrip Stability Bar to use a laptop or as a workstation for gear and notes, etc.
  • Optimally balanced to provide a stable workstation
  • Lightweight at < 4.5lbs (1.58kg)
  • Extremely durable - maximum load capacity 30lbs (13.5kg)
  • Stores compact and easily with included durable custom case
  • Brushed silver finish to complement the iMac or Cinema Display
  • Constructed of lightweight Aerospace Aluminum
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Part of the Aero System to integrate fully with the complete line of Aero accessories
  • Increases professional approach on photo shoots
  • Lifetime Warranty


*Please note the purchase of the Tether Table Aero iMac does not include a stand or tripod.  Please see our Tripods & Light Stands if a support is needed.  Stands & tripods have different weight limits, please consult the manufacturer's guidelines prior to attaching your Tether Table.  Their load limits always take precedent.´╗┐    Additional accessories pictured above sold separately.

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